Hi, I’m Lennart Schoors.
I like making things.

At Playbird we help tell stories, with no-nonsense communication that will make you perk your ears – think podcasts, audiotours, … I’m also a freelance digital designer and front-end developer for more than 18 years now.

I love the outdoors, I’m an avid hiker and post silent hiking movies on YouTube and pretty pictures on Instagram. I occasionally complain on Twitter Mastodon. You can also email me.

Other projects

  • Tomorrow People, a podcast about the people building a better tomorrow.
  • Beyondjazz, a future jazz radioshow/podcast that ran for 479 episodes from 2001-2019.
  • Charity Works, where I spent a month in 2016 in Suriname to help a non-profit with their digital endeavors.